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At Mortgage Marketplace Ltd, you’re sure of high-quality financial advice at all times. Based in Ferndown, Dorset, we work hard to give you all of the information you need to make an informed decision. We’ve been active since 2004, and our founder, Bob Ducker, has more than 38 years’ professional experience. We’re part of the Equity Release Club, and this further underlines our quality. Call us now for an honest, open, and personal service.

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About Mortgage Marketplace Ltd

About the Founder

Bob Ducker is a registered individual with Mortgage Marketplace Ltd . You will have seen that Bob has the Qualifications CeFA, CeMAP, and CeRER after his name and these stand for:

About the Founder

  • CeFA - Chartered Insurance Institutes Financial Planning Certificate

  • CeMAP - Chartered Institute of Banker Certificate in Mortgage Advice and Practice

  • CeRER - Institute of Financial Services Certificate in Regulated Equity Release (Inc Home Reversion Schemes)

These qualifications mean that you can be assured of Bob's experience, expertise, and qualifications.

A Note from Bob Ducker

“I have worked in Financial Services since 1980 and in that time I have helped thousands of very satisfied customers to buy their dream homes.

In 2007, when equity release was being revitalised, I realised that more and more people were retiring with much smaller pensions than they expected and because interest rates were low, they were also not getting great returns on their investments or their annuities. However, many of these people were living in nice properties with either small or no mortgages at all. So as the saying goes, they are property-rich but cash-poor'.

With the new regulations regarding equity release, these people can now release some of those monies to enhance their lifestyle, clear any outstanding debts, help their children, or have those dream holidays. Yet they’ll still stay in that home for the rest of their lives with no mortgage repayments.

As an independent mortgage, equity release, and protection adviser with Mortgage Marketplace Ltd, I can research the entire equity release market and source the most competitive deals and solutions for your equity release needs. Put simply, I want to assist you to enjoy your retirement whilst helping you save money wherever I can. You can be assured that my fee's among the most competitive on the market.”

Contact us, in Ferndown, Dorset, to discover more about our financial advice.

How Does It Work?

When you complete the contact details on this page, we telephone you to undertake an initial friendly chat. We will then ascertain your needs and answer any questions that you may have. From that discussion, we’ll be able to get an idea of what you are looking for. We ensure that you qualify for equity release and discuss how it could work for you.

Once this is done, we conduct a free, no-obligation consultation to complete a full analysis of your situation, explain how equity release works, check how it may affect any state benefits or your personal taxation, and then tailor the advice to your specific needs.

We explain the importance of using an independent mortgage adviser and provide you with a full explanation of how we get paid. All of the fees and charges are explained before you make a decision.

Usual timeframes are four to six weeks, and this is from our initial chat to the money being paid into your account.


Robert Ducker Senior Partner CeFA, CeMAP, CeRER 

Mortgage, Equity Release, and Protection Adviser

Mortgage Marketplace Ltd
Redwood House

117 Redwood House

Almondsbury Business Park


BS32 4QW

Robert Ducker is a Registered Individual of Mortgage Marketplace Ltd who is directly authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority under reference number 301173.

This is a Lifetime Mortgage, to understand the features and risks ask for a personalised illustration.